Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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January 17, 2017: A completely new version of the game that uses HTML5 instead of Flash. You can now play on most standard modern browsers, even tablets. Let us know what you think of this new version. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Nile Tiles

1.Quiet PondNorway8067
2.Fortunate BeachDenmark8049
3.Bright Mountain8037
4.Fortunate BeachDenmark8035
5.Dark EyeUSA - New Jersey8030
6.Green ForestUSA - California8026
7.Blue CloudUSA - Nebraska8018
8.Blue CloudUSA - Nebraska8014
9.Bright MountainUSA - Connecticut8013
10.Blue CloudUSA - Nebraska8010
11.Blue CloudUSA - Nebraska8004
12.Bright Mountain7996
13.Bright Mountain7995
14.Blooming MeadowUSA - Tennessee7995
15.Bright MoonUSA - North Carolina7976
16.Bright MoonUSA - North Carolina7975
17.Bright MoonUSA - North Carolina7952
18.Bright Mountain7863
19.Quiet BeachHonduras7851
20.Wise SpiritDenmark7837
21.Brilliant OceanUSA - Florida7786
22.Wise SpiritDenmark7757
23.Wise SpiritDenmark7737
24.Wise Eye7579
25.Dark SkyUSA - Connecticut7535
26.Wise Eye7525
27.Bright Mountain6338