Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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January 17, 2017: A completely new version of the game that uses HTML5 instead of Flash. You can now play on most standard modern browsers, even tablets. Let us know what you think of this new version. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Christmas Tiles

1.Bright Mountain8107
2.Dark CloudUSA - California8106
3.Bright Mountain8105
4.Blowing MountainUSA - Pennsylvania8103
5.Mysterious LightEstonia8096
6.Blowing MountainUSA - Pennsylvania8086
7.Bright Mountain8080
8.Bright Mountain8071
9.Quiet CoveUSA - Utah8069
10.Bright Mountain8063
11.Mysterious StreamUSA - Minnesota8049
12.Red SkyUSA - California8042
13.Red SkyUSA - California8040
14.Bright Mountain8038
15.Mysterious StreamUSA - Minnesota8036
16.Red SkyUSA - California8030
17.Bright MountainUSA - Alabama8014
18.Purple RainUSA - Ohio8000
19.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces7985
20.Bright Mountain7975
21.Bright MountainCanada7956
22.Bright MountainCanada7953
23.Red SkyUSA - California7944
24.Bright MountainCanada7928
25.Bright MountainCanada7917
26.Bright MountainCanada7895
27.Bright MountainCanada7882
28.Bright MountainUSA - Alabama7748
29.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia7523
30.Bright PebbleZimbabwe7518
31.Bright Mountain7486
32.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces7486
33.Black StarUSA - Nevada7434
34.Black StarUSA - Nevada7389
35.Bright PebbleZimbabwe7341
36.Bright PebbleZimbabwe7267
37.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia7249
38.Bright MountainUSA - Nevada7198
39.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia6979
40.Bright PebbleZimbabwe6847
41.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces6755
42.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces6361
43.Bright MountainUSA - Alabama6347
44.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia6242
45.Lucky PebbleUSA - Armed Forces5991
46.Brilliant Breeze5952
47.Bright PebbleZimbabwe5856
48.Bright Mountain5734
49.Bright Mountain5732
50.Bright Mountain5692
51.Bright BreezeUSA - Pennsylvania5027
52.Bright Mountain4378