Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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January 17, 2017: A completely new version of the game that uses HTML5 instead of Flash. You can no play on most standard modern browsers, even tablets. Let us know what you think of this new version. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Halloween Tiles

1.Bright Mountain12111
2.Bright Mountain11428
3.Lovely Ocean8100
4.Purple Mountain8099
5.Lovely Ocean8099
6.Yellow River8088
7.Dark MoonUSA - Kansas8084
8.Mysterious MoonUSA - Maryland8078
9.Yellow RainUSA - Florida8055
10.Flowering FlowerUSA - Florida8052
11.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio8045
12.Green EyeYugoslavia8044
13.Black StarYugoslavia8042
14.Blue Cloud8037
15.Green EyeYugoslavia8035
16.Black SunUSA - Minnesota8024
17.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio8020
18.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio8019
19.Green EyeYugoslavia8013
20.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio8006
21.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7994
22.Green LightUSA - California7993
23.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7990
24.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7973
25.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7972
26.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7964
27.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7959
28.Brilliant SpiritUSA - Minnesota7950
29.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7936
30.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7931
31.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7865
32.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7862
33.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7853
34.Green EyeYugoslavia7832
35.Green EyeYugoslavia7829
36.Green EyeYugoslavia7810
37.Green EyeYugoslavia7809
38.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7796
39.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7795
40.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7593
41.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7507
42.Fortunate OceanFrance7445
43.Purple MoonUSA - Ohio7210
44.Bright Mountain7090
45.Flowing EyeUnited Kingdom6833
46.Bright Mountain6408