Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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October 26, 2011: A new version of the game has just been released. If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

November 2, 2011: Fundamental change: Puzzles are generated at the start of each game to insure that you are playing a solveable arrangement! If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Classic Mah Jongg

1.Lucky Star8083
2.Black EyeDenmark8068
3.Dark ForestAustralia8064
4.Blue CloudBelgium8053
5.Lucky SkyRomania8036
6.White HillCzech Republic8034
7.Black BeachRomania8029
8.Smiling FlowerUnited Kingdom8019
9.Purple Eye8019
10.Knowing Flower8016
11.Bright EyeGermany8015
12.Bright EyeGermany8012
13.Bright EyeGermany8011
14.Running RiverUnited Kingdom8008
15.Colorful Eye8007
16.Smiling StarDenmark8006
17.Bright EyeGermany8004
18.Flowing StreamUSA - Pennsylvania7981
19.Purple RainNorway7961
20.Black RainNew Zealand7960
21.Lovely RainUSA - Hawaii7957
22.Blooming BranchUSA - Connecticut7952
23.Green SeasonUSA - Vermont7948
24.Green MountainFinland7938
25.Green MountainFinland7930
26.Blooming BranchUSA - Connecticut7911
27.Fortunate OceanFrance7888
28.Green SkyNew Zealand7882
29.Lovely Cloud7859
30.Lovely BreezeUSA - Hawaii7812
31.Brilliant CloudUSA - California7796
32.Dark RockUSA - Missouri7787
33.Bright LightUnited Kingdom7777
34.Flowering MeadowUSA - Tennessee7749
35.Mysterious Breeze7662
36.Flowering MeadowUSA - Tennessee7642
37.Patient PebbleUnited Kingdom7424
38.Patient Light6455
39.Wonderful Rain5990
40.Blue Light5869
41.Black Rock2951