Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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October 26, 2011: A new version of the game has just been released. If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

November 2, 2011: Fundamental change: Puzzles are generated at the start of each game to insure that you are playing a solveable arrangement! If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Christmas Tiles

1.Black EyeUSA - California8125
2.Brilliant Moon8122
3.Wise SpiritFinland8104
4.Purple OceanUSA - California8100
5.Lovely Ocean8099
6.Purple OceanUSA - California8094
7.Mysterious LightEstonia8093
8.Purple OceanUSA - California8092
9.Mysterious LightEstonia8088
10.Blue HillDenmark8082
11.Knowing Cliff8073
12.Blue HillDenmark8071
13.Wise Stream8070
14.Cheerful MeadowUSA - California8064
15.Lovely Stream8060
16.Green EyeUSA - California8056
17.Bright Pond8050
18.Red SkyUSA - California8049
19.Blooming SpiritUSA - Alabama8048
20.Dark CloudDenmark8042
21.Red SkyUSA - California8038
22.Mysterious OceanUSA - New York8038
23.Lovely MoonUSA - Arizona8031
24.Shining WildernessUSA - Alabama8030
25.Quiet SunUSA - Arkansas8029
26.Green Sun8015
27.Green Wilderness8015
28.Blue OceanFaeroe Islands8014
29.Blue OceanFaeroe Islands8008
30.Black StarUSA - Nevada7981
31.Brilliant SpiritUSA - Minnesota7972
32.Blue SpiritUnited Kingdom7940
33.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces7906
34.Colorful Branch7896
35.Fortunate SpiritTurkey7894
36.Black Eye7892
37.Green MountainUSA - Vermont7489
38.Blossoming Tower7322
39.Lucky Eye7249
40.Blowing OceanUSA - Georgia6970
41.Dark Light6650
42.Bright PebbleZimbabwe6122
43.Brilliant FlowerUnited Kingdom6042
44.Black Eye5858
45.Black Eye5753
46.Flowing Ocean5743
47.Blooming BeachUSA - Alabama5377
48.Blowing OceanUSA - Georgia5231
49.Mysterious Branch5115
50.Lovely Peak4435
51.Blue MoonUSA - South Carolina4203
52.Red SkyUSA - California102