Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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October 26, 2011: A new version of the game has just been released. If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

November 2, 2011: Fundamental change: Puzzles are generated at the start of each game to insure that you are playing a solveable arrangement! If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Christmas Tiles

1.Mysterious SpiritDenmark8107
2.Mysterious LightEstonia8103
3.Green HillCanada-Alberta8087
4.Bright MoonUSA - Ohio8085
5.Lucky LightUnited Kingdom8083
6.Bright MoonUSA - Ohio8081
7.Bright MoonUSA - Ohio8080
8.Blossoming Spirit8078
9.Bright MoonUSA - Ohio8075
10.Black CloudUSA - California8074
11.Bright MoonUSA - Ohio8071
12.Mysterious Flower8069
13.Blossoming Sky8068
14.Cheerful Forest8067
15.Red SkyUSA - California8067
16.Black CloudUSA - California8064
17.Patient Star8064
18.Wonderful BreezeUSA - Arkansas8063
19.Black CloudUSA - California8060
20.Red SkyUSA - California8058
21.Black CloudUSA - California8058
22.Red SkyUSA - California8057
23.Pretty Mountain8056
24.Brilliant LightUSA - Louisiana8054
25.Red SkyUSA - California8054
26.Blowing SeasonCanada-Ontario8052
27.Black CloudUSA - California8052
28.Mysterious MoonUSA - California8047
29.Lucky SkyDenmark8040
30.Cheerful River8038
31.Wise Cliff8038
32.Yellow Flower8030
33.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces8026
34.Black StarUSA - Nevada8023
35.Black EyeUnited Kingdom8022
36.Pretty MountainCanada-British Colombia8021
37.Black EyeUnited Kingdom8019
38.Red SkyUSA - California8019
39.Dark Beach8019
40.Flowing RiverUSA - Georgia8003
41.Brilliant TowerCanada-Alberta8002
42.Flowing RiverUSA - Georgia7999
43.Flowing RiverUSA - Georgia7956
44.Smiling EyeNorway7954
45.Fortunate Branch7954
46.Blue SpiritUnited Kingdom7943
47.Fortunate SpiritTurkey7927
48.Fortunate Spirit7880
49.Pretty Branch7866
50.Lucky StreamCanada-British Colombia7795
51.Mysterious Mountain7787
52.Bright PebbleZimbabwe7501
53.Fortunate SpiritTurkey7287
54.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces7220
55.Bright PebbleZimbabwe7204
56.Running Wind7158
57.Wonderful Sun7073
58.Bright PebbleZimbabwe7038
59.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces6723
60.Brilliant FlowerUnited Kingdom6542
61.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania6270
62.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces6176
63.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania6155
64.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania5958
65.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania5823
66.Blowing Breeze5665
67.Blowing Flower5660
68.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania5590
69.Blooming BeachUSA - Alabama5311
70.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia5221
71.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia4927
72.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia4878
73.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia4570
74.Red SkyUSA - California42