Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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October 26, 2011: A new version of the game has just been released. If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

November 2, 2011: Fundamental change: Puzzles are generated at the start of each game to insure that you are playing a solveable arrangement! If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Christmas Tiles

1.Lucky SpiritGreenland8110
2.Mysterious LightEstonia8105
3.Pretty OceanGreenland8104
4.Wonderful Mountain8096
5.Black CloudUSA - California8070
6.Brilliant LightUSA - Louisiana8068
7.Fortunate SpiritTurkey8067
8.Green EyeUSA - California8040
9.Colorful PondCanada-British Colombia8038
10.Bright PebbleZimbabwe8036
11.Black EyeUnited Kingdom8034
12.Flowing RiverUSA - Georgia8012
13.Bright PebbleZimbabwe8009
14.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces8009
15.Black StarUSA - Nevada8007
16.Black StarUSA - Nevada7991
17.Black BreezeDenmark7989
18.Cheerful BranchCanada-Alberta7984
19.Black BreezeDenmark7984
20.Black StarUSA - Nevada7977
21.White CoveCanada-Alberta7973
22.Black StarUSA - Nevada7945
23.Green StarUSA - Nevada7926
24.Blue SpiritUnited Kingdom7924
25.Green MountainUSA - Vermont7807
26.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces7790
27.Bright LightCanada-British Colombia7786
28.Brilliant StarUSA - Rhode Island7774
29.Green MountainUSA - Vermont7749
30.Pretty Wind7395
31.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania6928
32.Mysterious Moon6816
33.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania6455
34.Blooming BeachUSA - Alabama5242
35.Pretty Wilderness5132
36.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia4566
37.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia4460