Just Mah Jongg Solitaire

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October 26, 2011: A new version of the game has just been released. If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

November 2, 2011: Fundamental change: Puzzles are generated at the start of each game to insure that you are playing a solveable arrangement! If you are having any trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

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Today's High Scores For Christmas Tiles

1.Smiling SpiritNorway8106
2.Wise SpiritFinland8105
3.Blowing MountainUSA - Pennsylvania8105
4.Blowing MountainUSA - Pennsylvania8101
5.Mysterious LightEstonia8100
6.Quiet PondEstonia8099
7.Dark BranchEstonia8099
8.Blowing MountainUSA - Pennsylvania8099
9.Bright EyeEstonia8099
10.Running RainEstonia8098
11.Purple OceanUSA - California8090
12.Cheerful Star8084
13.Black CloudUSA - California8080
14.Lucky RainUSA - Oregon8064
15.Blue PeakUSA - Alabama8064
16.Black CloudUSA - California8057
17.Red SkyUSA - California8041
18.Black CloudUSA - California8038
19.Lucky RainUSA - Oregon8030
20.Blossoming Tree8011
21.Quiet OceanCanada-Alberta8008
22.Black BreezeDenmark7991
23.Smiling StreamCanada-Alberta7979
24.Purple RainUSA - Ohio7958
25.Purple RainUSA - Ohio7942
26.Black CloudUnited Kingdom7914
27.Brilliant StarUSA - Rhode Island7904
28.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces7892
29.Green Tower7859
30.Blossoming RockCroatia7568
31.Flowing Season7486
32.Blue EyeItaly7415
33.Brilliant Light7345
34.Bright PebbleZimbabwe7289
35.Running Spirit7224
36.Shining Pebble7168
37.Knowing Tree7156
38.Lucky StarUSA - Armed Forces6974
39.Wise Forest6800
40.Cheerful Ocean6737
41.Knowing Breeze6689
42.Dark Wilderness6561
43.Bright Pebble6557
44.Brilliant Star6458
45.Running Sun6408
46.Colorful Wind6367
47.Blossoming BranchUSA - Alaska6307
48.Running Light6290
49.Green Pebble6267
50.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania6250
51.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania6221
52.Blowing Forest6041
53.Wise Spirit6008
54.Black Spirit5881
55.Pretty Rock5865
56.Pretty River5845
57.Mysterious Flower5817
58.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania5725
59.Black EyeUSA - Pennsylvania5677
60.Shining Rain5588
61.Red Cove5579
62.Quiet Stream5505
63.Lucky Mountain5397
64.Cheerful Spirit5363
65.Fortunate Mountain5358
66.Bright Sky5307
67.Blowing Meadow5217
68.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia5210
69.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia5135
70.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia5032
71.Bright Stream4883
72.Yellow HillUSA - District of Columbia4734
73.Purple River4669
74.Lucky Meadow4494
75.Bright Flower3532
76.Shining Wind3055